Time Will Never Be The Same

Ram Dass

The Now Clock is a beautiful and practical way to help you stay in the present moment, setting you free to experience peace of mind and the joy of life.

The elegant Now Clock is presented in a richly grained, rounded wood housing with a satin cherry finish. Its face is printed on beautifully textured paper, displayed behind gracefully curved glass.

"The Now Clock is sensational! It records meta time in our house. It is a great tool to keep you present." -- Ram Dass, Best Selling Author -- Be Here Now

Masters of Now

Christ and Buddha lived thousands of years ago and yet their wisdom is so pertinent for our modern lives.

There isn't a single activity in life which cannot be enhanced by the power of your attention in every moment. This is the essence of mindfulness, and it's what Christ meant when he said, "Take therefore no thought for tomorrow."

Buddha became a master and shared his secret for mastery when he said, "The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the Present Moment wisely and earnestly."

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Reminder of the Present Moment

A simple glance at the Now Clock is a gentle reminder to return to the Present Moment.

Big Buddha

  • Enhance your spiritual practice
  • Increase the value of your time
  • Stop worrying about the future
  • Remind yourself about the things that matter most
  • Stay present in your home, meditation room and your office with The Now Clock

Give The Gift of the "Now" For:

  • Yourself
  • Your home
  • Your meditation room
  • Your office
  • Your friends, family and business associates
  • Your therapist, spiritual or yoga teacher, they'll love it!

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